Monday, February 15, 2010

~mY FaMiLy~eng version

Some people said that when we have many friend, it can cheer up our life and others said that the more friends the more problem. It depends on anyone, what they want to say and what they want to state about it, because in my observation, a family like relationship thats built from friends can change from just a friend to best friend and from just a friendship to brotherhood. There are many differences between friend and bestfriend and also between friendship and brotherhood. If we were about to make a choice, we will chose to have bestfriend rather than friend and brotherhood rather than friendship,why?? everyone has their own reason..

Other than our own family like mom,dad and all of our brothers and sisters, we also need other 'family' from our friends, teachers, coaches and and many more. Last but not least, a friendship can last an eternal if we learn loved n care for one another. This is the key that we need to do.
and search for . WHATS GONNA WORK??..TEAMWORK!!~wonderpets~

p/s: the picture above was taken after we training..alunos Capoeira Ache Brasil Malaysia Academy with our coach Instrutor Ligerinho..i really appreciate and love being in this special 'family'...ACHE'..

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