Monday, August 15, 2011

Be a better Daie

Assalamualaikum wbt,
The time now is exactly 1:16am, i'm just back from some works helping my senior to print their home address, something about their cargo boxes things.

When i checked my fb notification, i saw something really interesting this video about 'intelectual Humility' by brother Nouman Ali Khan. Actually i am really interested in english language than arabic language eventhough i am studying here in Jordan, an arabic country with arabic tradition and many more with arabic.

Its not because i'm not interested or hate arabic language, for muslims, arabic language is the language for Islam. If we want to know deeply and truly about Islam, we MUST know arabic language and how do we know arabic language?? by, learn arabic language. 

I don't want to talk about the arabic language today, maybe next time InsyaAllah. Today i'm truly interested in showing this video to all fellows readers and blogwalkers.

So, How about the presentation, really cool isn't it..?? Brother Nouman Ali Khan at Quran Weekly and you guys can find others presentation at youtube and Quran weekly

Being a student in syaria for example, what is our purpose of gaining that knowledge that we learn from our university lecturers. Nowadays, many students have misused their knowledge to judge and argue and debate with others. PLEASE......look to ourselves first, what is the purpose of our knowledge. ok guys, enjoy the video. until we meet again wassalam alaykum wbt.

*credit to brother Nouman Ali khan and Quran weekly..(^_^)


  1. i loves both arabic and english language:)
    best lahh belajar abroad:)

  2. wah...good to sy..pas dtg cni bru sgt2 boleh adapt ngn arabic language..and also english language bcoz bile de mase cuti sy gi syria or lubnan jumpe kwn2 train alhamdulillah for me..leh praktik 2 language yg pntg ni kan...boleh la jugak..drpd segi mengajar pglmn dan erti kehidupn..dan cepat mematangkan kite juge.. ^^