Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Last Moments of My Life

Last moments of my life.
 Tears in my eyes,
I lay alone on my death bed.
My ears and eyes,
Eagerly waiting for my love ones,
To be by my side.

As death happens to pass by,
Suddenly without any notice,
It is something for which,
I am prepared in the least.
And it happens to sweep everything from my life.

Till now I have taken life so easily,
Never thought of telling anything,
To my dear ones,
Some advice I hold in my heart,
My love and care I hold for them inside.

I want to apologize,
The love of my life,
That even though I held her,
For all the mistakes that others had done,
I hold nothing of that kind in my heart.

Have went through,
All the stages of my life,
The various touching incidents,
And experiences of my life;
I feel happy for everything I had in my life.

Still I don’t feel death came,
At an appropriate time in my life,
Coz so much is left,
To be said and done.
And I keep waiting till my dear ones arrive.

dont worry, its just an expression, will try to hold on and get through this pain..but, if anything happen then, please keep and remember this (",)

tribute to Winnie Angel (16/4/09)

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